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[cdt-l] just finnished the cdt

hey everyone! Just wanted to say that I crossed into waterton on october 3
at about 6:30 pm. I finnished the trip with another thru hiker we met at
monarch pass in late june. My friend who started the trail with me,
Porter, left the trail at Macks Inn to go off to Oregon State in late
August. I was solo unitl McDonald Pass on Sept 16th. The snow we saw out
of there really was a blessing and we had perfect weather the last 2 or so
weeks. It was a spectacular fall hike through Glacier!  The only section I
did not hike was from Macks Inn to I-15 (about 56 miles according to
J. Ley) because of the winslow fire.
It was a great trip, the trail magic ran thick even right up until the
last moment. Pictures from the first 3rd of the trip are up on my website
and when I get "home" I will put up highlights from the remainder. Until
then, here is the anectode of the final few minutes on the trail, take
care! I will be sitting with my feet up for a while!
We were about 300 yards from the trailhead in waterton when a
mountian biker came up behind us,
"where you guys coming from, you hike fast?"
"no, where did you start this trip"
he was in total disbelief and gave us further questioning as we walked
down to the main drag in Waterton where we were to meet Jasons mom. But
she found us about half way across town. She burst from the car running to
put him in a giant bear hug, screaming how exstatic she was to see
him. She gave me a hug and rushed back to the car to grab a sign for us to
hold while she took a picture: "congratulations james and jason, cdt mex
to Can!"
"I didn't believe you until I saw mom, congrats!" said the biker as he
rode away and we opened up the cooler of food and drinks, not to don our 
packs again!!