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[cdt-l] Q: Crest above Cowbone and Jahnke Lakes

I don't know anybody who's done it, but your biggest problem might be
getting to the divide from Jahnke Lake (sb) (probably even harder to go
the other way). You might be able to side-hill on the west side of the
divide, but even that would be difficult. The mountainsides are really
steep & loose in this area. The route - along roads far from the divide
- is a bit frustrating since you miss some really neat scenery, but
until they blast a trail through some of the passes there, you'd need
climbing gear to negotiate it (and even that would leave you exposed to
rockfall danger). Plus, the forested parts in this area tend to be
thicker than other Montana forest, making bushwhacking a little more
difficult. I remember thinking about some alternate to avoid the stretch
of road, but finally just gave up and walked the road. I think it's dirt
& not heavily traveled. Plus, there are plenty of other mountains to see
along the CDT & it's nice to have a stretch of flat meadows sometimes,
where you can look up at the mountains, rather than down at a valley.
I'd spend your energy on the Nicholia - Deadman loop instead! (a few
days south).
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Has anyone walked the crest above Cowbone and Jahnke Lakes
(Montana/Idaho)? How's the climb up?  How is the climb down?  Is it easy
to find the trail after descent?
John B.
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