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[cdt-l] Walking with the Wild Wind

I just finished Walkin' Jim Stoltz's book, "Walking with the Wild Wind" 
about one of his treks through the mountains in southern Montana.  I highly 
recommend it.  His descriptions of the wildlife and the beauty of that part 
of the world are terrific.  I wanted to jump on a plane and head west, 
instantly! (But then, that's my normal state in any case, this just made it 
more intense.) For those who may not know Walkin' Jim - he is a musician, 
photographer, poet, environmentalist and above all long distance hiker who 
is very talented in all the above.  He has created a lifestyle in which he 
hikes almost every summer, then works, does multimedia shows all over the 
country and creates music the rest of the year.  His love of the land shines 
through in all he does.  The book is a mixture of journal, reflections on 
his life, tales of some of the more exciting and/or uncomfortable adventures 
he's had on other hikes, discussions on the environment, bits of his songs, 
etc.  I don't know if Amazon sells the book, but you can get it from his 
website atwww.walkinjim.com


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