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[cdt-l] 2002 hikers was just a theory...

I'm known as RedDoug because of my hair.  It is losing its luster, though.
I"ve been out to Colo. 3 of the last 4 summers and have hiked the CDT from
Cumbres Pass to San Luis Peak and Gold Hill (near Brenkenridge- sp) to
Leadville.  this summer I'll be getting in another couple hundred miles in
WY.  Probably never get a chance to be a thru hiker, but I'm determined to
hike most of the CDT over time.  I keep up on the CDt, have trail books and
I"m a member of the CDTA (whichis ok- right? <g> ).

BTW, the summer I took off I hiked the Centennial trail in May in the Black
Hills.  That was a good trip, too.


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> Sorry Bob, I forgot you and Shell, and also Waffle King!
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