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[cdt-l] trip report

just wanted to file a small trip report to the list. headed down to NM and
CO last week (a long enough drive from chicago!), and hiked the Rio Chama
section again. this was one of my favorite sections in NM, and this time of
year, it was even better this time, with the snow-capped peaks of the carson
and s. san juans in view over the canyon. when i thru-hiked last year, both
the santa fe and the carson were just closing due to fire restrictions, so
hopefully this year's hikers will have better luck... not too much in the
way of snow on the ground, though the san pedro parks section looked more
snowbound, at least from a distance.

we stopped in at cumbres pass too, where there's 5 1/2 ft of snow still
there at the pass. we staggered a couple hundred yards the "CDT" before
starting to posthole a bit. so we gave it up and hit the hot springs in
pagosa instead!


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