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[cdt-l] 2004 hikers

ALSO Southbounding in 2004 (HIKER777)

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I have not decided on a direction yet, that decision will have to wait
until I
see what the next winter will bring. If its a low snow year for the north I
would prefer to start up at the north and work my way down. Right now all I
know is that I have May 1st to November free and available to hike the
Boy, I wish I was around here in New Mexico when thru hikers this year will
coming through so that I could provide some trail magic, I live quite near
trail, in fact I can see about a 150 mile segment of the trail right now
my vantage point. But, I will be in the Sierra this summer so I cant help.

>From: "Christopher Mills"
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>Subject: [cdt-l] 2004 hikers
>Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2003 13:59:13 -0500
>Hi Ryan, and everyone else,
>I'm also thru-hiking in 2004, along with a couple friends of mine; Tony
>Nitz and Jesse Gilbert. We're heading southbound starting in June.
>What direction are you going, and when do you plan to start?
>Speaking of which, how many other 2004 hikers are on the list, and what
>direction do you plan to hike, and when do you plan on starting?
>--Chris, aka Hiker816
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