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[cdt-l] 2004 hikers

nope, I don't know anything about last years' hikers.  I remember someone
posting a similar list a couple months ago.  you could check the archives

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From: Richard <calliger@infolane.com>
To: yogilists@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: [cdt-l] 2004 hikers
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2003 12:36:16 -0800

Would you have the list of last years' hikers on the CDT?


At 02:32 PM 3/30/03 -0600, yogi hicker wrote:
 >There is a fairly large group of 2002 PCT hikers planning on hiking the
 >in 2004:
 >yogi AT'99, PCT'02
 >dewey AT'98, PCT'02
 >mags AT'98, PCT'02
 >d-low AT'00, PCT'02
 >restless wind AT'98 (trailname mousetrap), PCT'02
 >cupcake PCT'02 (maybe)
 >Doc & Llama AT'98, PCT'02
 >Noid AT'99, PCT'01
 >yogi, dewey, mags, d-low, cupcake, and probably noid are all planning
 >southbound hikes.  I don't know what direction restless, doc & llama are
 >planning on.  We don't have start dates yet, and haven't done much
 >planning.  We just know that we'll be there!!
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