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[cdt-l] Bailing out at Cumbres Pass

Thanks for playing virtual travel agent, Sly. I called to verify the bus
schedule out of Antonito. It's just as you describe. Bus departs southbound
every day at 5:05 pm, fare is $38.50 one way to Albuquerque, payable upon
boarding. And for the record, Greyhound offers no bus service out of Chama.

Thanks also to Allen Stibora for posting his intent to help!

Not that anyone wants to bail out at Cumbres Pass. For the northbounder, the
fun's just beginning about then. But a CDT thru-hiker I am not - at least
this year. And as a northbound section hiker starting on the early side,
need to have options if encountering whole heaps of snow up that way: 6.5
feet at Cumbres Trestle, currently.

Of course, if one does bail out at Cumbres Pass, one knows what will end up
happening. In a vortex of anguish, will be compelled to bag Wheeler Peak, NM
high point, thus likely exposing oneself to more danger than if had stayed
put on the Divide. Pondering these kinds of scenarios can be motivating, no
matter the actual outcome.

- blisterfree

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> > TNM&O bus lines (division of Greyhound, I think) shows scheduled bus
> > to/from Antonito CO. However, in attempting to make reservations on
> > website I can't seem to select this town as a "departure city." Before I
> > try
> > calling, maybe I should ask what other hikers have done with regard to
> > bombing-off "for good" at Cumbres Pass. Is Antonito or Chama the better
> > for getting out, say, to Albuquerque?
> >
> I know for a fact they'll drop you off there and I'm pretty sure they'll
> you up, but there isn't a depot.  The closest bus depot is in Alamosa.
> bus goes directly to Albuquerque from Antonito, schedule 425 and leaves at
> 5:05 every night from the convenience store across from the scenic train
> depot
> The motel and restaurant/bar right there by the train depot are pretty
> Real friendly, one guy from the bar bought us a beer and gave us a ride to
> the pass the next day.
> You may be able to get a ticket in Cuba if you know you're going to bail,
> you better call Greyhound at 1 800 229-9424
> Hope this helps,
> Sly