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[cdt-l] Bailing out at Cumbres Pass

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In a message dated 3/29/2003 11:55:38 PM Eastern Standard Time,
blisterfree@isp01.net writes:

> TNM&O bus lines (division of Greyhound, I think) shows scheduled bus service
> to/from Antonito CO. However, in attempting to make reservations on their
> website I can't seem to select this town as a "departure city." Before I
> try
> calling, maybe I should ask what other hikers have done with regard to
> bombing-off "for good" at Cumbres Pass. Is Antonito or Chama the better hub
> for getting out, say, to Albuquerque?

I know for a fact they'll drop you off there and I'm pretty sure they'll pick
you up, but there isn't a depot.  The closest bus depot is in Alamosa.  The
bus goes directly to Albuquerque from Antonito, schedule 425 and leaves at
5:05 every night from the convenience store across from the scenic train

The motel and restaurant/bar right there by the train depot are pretty good.
Real friendly, one guy from the bar bought us a beer and gave us a ride to
the pass the next day.

You may be able to get a ticket in Cuba if you know you're going to bail, but
you better call Greyhound at 1 800 229-9424

Hope this helps,