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[cdt-l] Introduction and a couple of questions

Ryan, I am embarking on the trail in just over a month so I don't speak
first hand, but the word is that the cdts books are superior. There
seems to be general consensus that the routes and the descriptons are
better. Just from a thru-hiker standpoint who hasn't used the books, the
cdts are designed for you... I ordered all 7 (including supplements) in
one shippment and this tiny little box arrived at my door, at first I was
shocked and then realized that they were meant to fit in my backpack. You
buy them directly from Jim Wolf, the author, at the cdts site.
The other thing you should know about is Johnathan Ley's site and his set
of maps ,  http://www.phlumf.com/cdt/cdt.htm   and
it seems like most people use them, they coincide heavily with the
cdts route except in S. NM (according to a email from JL a . Esp because
of their cost... that reminds me I hope my partner sent him a few
bucks. He subscribes to this list so you can chat with him about the maps.

I am heading northbound starting may 5th. Looking forward to deep snow in
CO! Fun times!

On Sun, 30 Mar 2003, Ryan Christensen wrote:

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> Hi to all on this list. I got some messages, so I am glad to see that there is
> life on this list. I thought I would be polite and introduce myself and what I
> am doing subscribing to this list. In 96 I hiked the California section of the
> PCT. It was indeed a journey of a life time. Along the way I found that I fell
> in love with the southern Sierra. So when I got off the trail I applied to
> work at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. I have been working there
> ever since, working in the wilderness and working with people in the
> frontcountry.
> Currently I am living in Santa Fe, NM. I go to oriental medicine school here
> during the rest of the year I am not in the Sierra, in fact I am writing this
> from a far flung mesa overlooking the Rio Grande gorge and the Jemez
> mountains. I have been getting the itch to get back on the trail for a while
> now. A couple of months ago I decided to finish the PCT by hiking Oregon and
> Washington next summer, but over the past month I have been doing alot of
> camping in Southern New Mexico and I have been completely inspired by the
> land. It occured to me that instead of finishing the PCT it would be far
> grander, in length and difficulty, to hike the CDT. I am attracted to its
> remoteness, its wildness, its solitude, its challenge, and its possible
> rewards.
> So I have begun the stages of planning for a thru hike of the CDT next year. I
> have started reading and getting some information about it. There are a couple
> of questions I have that I am sure someone can help me with on this list. I
> have noticed that there are two sets of guidebooks. I have bought one of the
> 'official' guidebooks which is sanctioned by the CDT Alliance, my initial
> reaction to the book was negative: too many glossy pictures and fancy icons
> and less substance and meat. I have not checked out the other guidebooks
> published by the CDT society. I am wondering, which do you like? Which one did
> you use? Both? Cut and paste?
> Finally, I am wondering which direction thru hikers on this list have hiked or
> are planning to hike?
> Good to meet you all and hope to hear from you.
> Ryan
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