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[cdt-l] route questions

Jane - I don't really have any suggestions on route, what I can say is
that CO just got slammed with snow. I am anticipating snowshoes and
ice axes for our mid june entrance into colorado...

I lived in MT for 5 years and did alot of backcountry camping there. In
grizzly country I would advise taking a rope to hang food. If I recall
correctly from two years ago, a rope is required in the yellowstone back
country. They provide hanging poles which are nice. However, this is about
the only stretch (if you don't do MT) that is griz country. As far as I
know, the wind rivers are not griz country. North of there I would hang my
One note about food and your tent... having lived in griz country I have
become very anal about food near my tent, if you get it on your tent you
should rightfully hang your tent with your food. Likewise any clothes that
get food on them.... something to keep in mind as you approach griz
I think thru hikers, while at greater risk because they spend so much more
time in the back country, are fairly safe from grizzlies because they
smell so bad. A bears primary sense is it nose. Just make sure to make
noise when you cant see the trail more than 100 or so ft in front of you
or if the wind is against you. You just dont want to startle a griz.
As far as the rope goes, it dosent have to be a very heavy rope at all,
just depends on how many days worth of food you need to hang and how heavy
all that is. I have used both a hardware store rope and also very thin
stuff from the climbing store ( i cant think of the right name for it
right now) not bigger than 1/8" in diameter. I would go with the latter
and take extra. It takes a while to learn how to sling and tie a rope over
a tree.... I recall my first experience in the Bob Marshall, what a mess,
dont use a carabiner to weight the end of the rope, it will likely just
end up wrapping arround and arround the tree! If you take extra rope then
you can cut ropes that get stuck.... you should see all the rope that is
left behind in trees and on poles in grizzly country!
Also you should hang your toiletries too...


On Fri, 21 Mar 2003, Jane Haxby wrote:

> Hi all...
> Been lurking for quite some time now, going through the archives and
> gathering random bits of information.  And now finally I think I have
> gathered enough to ask some questions.  :)  I and my fiance Dan are planning
> to hike about half the CDT this summer, from mid May through the end of
> August.  We're planning to go northbound and we'd like to hike all of
> Wyoming, ending in Yellowstone.  We have two main route options that I'd
> really like some advice on -- option one: start near the Gila cliff
> dwellings and go north along the Gila and then join the more official route,
> continuing into Colorado and stopping at about where the Colorado Trail
> joins the CDT (I forget exactly where that is -- somewhere near Lake City?),
> then getting a ride from a friend up to northern CO,  around where the CO
> Trail goes off on its own path (one of Silverthorne, Winter Park, or Grand
> Lake -- we figure here we can be flexible), and hiking on through Wyoming to
> YNP.  This way, we can go back and do the CO trail someday and not repeat
> segments (not that that would be all bad either of course).  The other
> option is to start farther north in NM and hike a lot more of Colorado.
> What do you all think?  We'd like to start out kinda slow, and I'm worried
> about snow/flooding now that CO got all those many feet of snow...what do
> you think will be the impact of that?  Gila flooding?  Lots of snow in the
> San Juans?  We're not all that experienced and would like to skip places
> where ice axes are needed....
> Also -- is it true that it is not necessary to bag food away from the tent
> most places except in grizzly country?  I always bear bag, and don't live
> near grizzlies, and am kinda surprised that most people seem to sleep with
> their food...but that sounds much easier to me, so if it works, sounds good!
> I'm sure I have more questions, but those are the big ones for now.  Thanks
> for any advice you can give!
> -Jane
> (janehaxby@hotmail.com)
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