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[cdt-l] Rants

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Please, Moose, no more rants.  Many of us on these lists offer great
support for political and national defense issues that you obviously
disagree with.  I am in the process of planning a CDT thru-hike, along
with two friends on these lists, for the summer of 2004.  Having just
returned from a year and a half deployed to undisclosed forward
locations in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, I would prefer to
hear only about hiking issues on these lists.  If you want to debate war
with me when we meet on a trail, great.  I'd enjoy discussing your views
face to face.  I do not fault you for your views, but allow me, and all
of us, to focus on other topics here.  Please vent your international
affairs and national defense political frustrations elsewhere.  I can
recommend several mail lists to you offline for that purpose.  Thanks.