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[cdt-l] www.drought.unl.edu/dm/monitor.html

Helpful to have certain urls reposted on regular occasion.
is map-depicted drought data showing regional impacts for our
three major (and favorite) regions.

Don't know about the pct, but for the cdt, I was struck by
Wyoming's dryness -- guess I have to listen/read better. The AT
shows the region just SE of Georgia/NC/TN AT being hit, but not
so the AT, and then the very northern portions of VT/NH, and SW

There are .gif animated 6 and 12 week maps down at the bottom.
It's interesting to watch certain regions change status to
'dryer' states even though they've been hit by 'newsmaking'
winter storms... Tells me that the newsy weather ignores the
historical records required to charge the aquifers.


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