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[cdt-l] Jonathon's NM Maps

Blisterfree -

I think you have made the right decision on maps. The only other thing I
would add is that you need to be able to re-route if necessary. Last year we
were kicked out of 3 National Forests because of fire danger. We would have
been able to use the Delorme atlas to plot our route. We didn't have it, but
carried the BLM and/or NFS maps. Basically we road walked thru/around the
forests north of Grants.

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> FWIW, I've compared Jonathan's mapped route in New Mexico to the CDTS NM
> guidebook description.
> From the Cliff Dwellings area north to the Colorado border, the two routes
> are virtually identical. You can use Jonathan's topo maps in lieu of the
> small-area b&w topo and FS maps found in the guide. Which is nice, since
> Forest Service maps, in particular, wouldn't be too useful if you were to
> have routefinding problems. It's nice to have these maps, too, since the
> CDTS guide to northern NM (Grants to the border) contains no maps at all.
> There are a handful of instances where the two routes do not quite
> but as I recall the CDTS route still is plot-able on the JL maps. The
> exception is south of the Gila Cliff Dwellings (specifically from Tadpole
> Ridge on south), where the CDTS route heads east toward the Mimbres Mtns
> then south to Columbus, while Jonathan's route follows the CDTA trail
> to Silver City and the Bootheel.
> Thanks to those who steered me away from using the CDTA guidebook maps in
> attempt to plot the CDTS route. Had I known in advance how closely
> Jonathan's route adheres to the CDTS route in NM, I would have gone with
> maps from the start.
> With the CDTS guide, JL's maps, and pages from the DeLorme New Mexico
> for the big picture, I think most hikers would have enough info to
> the state efficiently. We'll find out in about a month!
> - blisterfree
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