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[cdt-l] Jonathon's NM Maps

FWIW, I've compared Jonathan's mapped route in New Mexico to the CDTS NM
guidebook description.

>From the Cliff Dwellings area north to the Colorado border, the two routes
are virtually identical. You can use Jonathan's topo maps in lieu of the
small-area b&w topo and FS maps found in the guide. Which is nice, since the
Forest Service maps, in particular, wouldn't be too useful if you were to
have routefinding problems. It's nice to have these maps, too, since the
CDTS guide to northern NM (Grants to the border) contains no maps at all.

There are a handful of instances where the two routes do not quite coincide,
but as I recall the CDTS route still is plot-able on the JL maps. The
exception is south of the Gila Cliff Dwellings (specifically from Tadpole
Ridge on south), where the CDTS route heads east toward the Mimbres Mtns and
then south to Columbus, while Jonathan's route follows the CDTA trail south
to Silver City and the Bootheel.

Thanks to those who steered me away from using the CDTA guidebook maps in an
attempt to plot the CDTS route. Had I known in advance how closely
Jonathan's route adheres to the CDTS route in NM, I would have gone with his
maps from the start.

With the CDTS guide, JL's maps, and pages from the DeLorme New Mexico atlas
for the big picture, I think most hikers would have enough info to navigate
the state efficiently. We'll find out in about a month!

- blisterfree