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[cdt-l] invite from a lurker

I have been lurking on this list for sometime now and thought it time to
introduce myself.  I moved to West Yellowstone, Montana last march 18, so
I'm coming up on a year living here.  I really like the area, so much
hiking, in somewhat wild country,  The only thing I miss is the forests of
the pacific northwest where I moved from.
  Anyway the reason I am posting is because I wanted to put out an
invitation to any through hikers out there. For whatever services I might
provide.  The CDT goes right through Old Faithful which has a small grocery
store but is very over priced the next stop seems to be macs inn @ island
park in Idaho, another small store situation.  I would be willing to put up
hikers at my abode for a day or two so that they may do some shopping and
get on there way refreshed.  We have two medium sized grocery stores here in
town with an excellent selection of mainstream food, with plenty of
restaurants and a small movie theater.
   So it turns out there are a few places where I could pick people up off
the trail.  1. old faithful  2. any number of fireroads outside of the park
to the west 3. Targhee Pass (where hwy 20 crosses the trail the first time.
4. Reynolds pass  (I believe this is where the trail crosses the 87.
   My apartment isn't huge but it is just a short walk to all the amenities
of town.

  and to all a good hike

       Timmy "mountainchilling" Fearn

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