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[cdt-l] gps?

I can't remember if anyone responded to this, but the TOPO USA CDs simply l=
abel the divide itself as the "continental divide trail". It's a bit mislea=
ding & not too useful. Many of the trails used for CDT routes are plotted o=
n the CDs, but they're not labeled as anything (unless something major chan=
ged in the 4.0 release... I have 3.0). The TOPO USA CDs are really a neat p=
roduct, but they lack the resolution needed to navigate the CDT (many of th=
e subtleties of the USGS maps are "smoothed-over" in the TOPO USA CD set). =
They may work 90% of the time, but what do you do the other 10%?

Some thoughts on GPS: Unless you have dead-on waypoints every 100 ft down t=
he trail, a GPS won't keep you from getting lost.  you may know the next wa=
ypoint is "183 degrees & 1.543 miles" but how do you get to that point when=
 you're standing at a confusing/obscure intersection in the woods & there's=
 a big gnarly mountain in the way? If you are lost however, a GPS might hel=
p you pinpoint your location & when used in conjunction with a map (that ha=
s GPS data) you can get back on the right track.  But that can be a time-co=
nsuming process & isn't practical to calculate many times a day. In 2001 I =
met a few volunteers that were GPS-mapping the CDT for the CDTA... I don't =
know what became of the data... plus a couple of those I met were a bit los=
t, so I'm not sure their data was accurate. Also, it'd only be the CDTA rou=
te, which isn't always "the coolest" route.


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Well, still I'm in the "investigating stage" here.    I've been spending so=
time with TOPO USA... at least the CD trail is on there.

I'm going to look at a couple of GPS next week in Dallas at REI....

But I'm comfortable with a map and altimeter/compass... so I may do nothing
at all.  I had hoped it might replace carrying a lot of USGS topo maps, but=
just can''t see myself relying on something quite so "tweaky".....  there is
some comfort in the maps-on-paper-paper-thing....

But I'll let you know what I decide to do.......
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