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[cdt-l] Jonathon's Maps

PS (pre-script): Sorry if I already replied to this - i've been travelling =
& lost track...

My route mostly follows the CDTS route, but 95% of the time, the CDTA & CDT=
S routes are the same. When they do differ, it's usually not by much & I've=
 mapped both (including one as an alternate). There are a couple places whe=
re I've only mapped one route (for example, I mapped the mack's Inn cutoff,=
 but not the centennial loop), and some places where I mapped two routes (l=
ike through the divide basin). It's really hard to generalize anything. In =
a few places I mapped "my own" route... particularly in New Mexico, as ther=
e was no guide book south of Grants when I hiked through there. I've tried =
to fill-in bits & pieces as I learn about new trail construction, etc. so, =
I don't really have a simple answer...


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Does the route you have drawn in on your maps follow the CDTA or CDTS route?
  If it is primarily one or the other, is the scale of the maps sufficient
to include the terrain covered by both routes?  Thanks.


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>I have a CD-ROM of printable maps available... full details are at:

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