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[cdt-l] Siver City to Pie Town

I used DeLorme map books for each state in '99. They worked out great.
You can plot your hike, decide on waypoints and cut out the pages you
will need at each resupply. If you are doing 20-25 mile days you will not
need a resupply between Silver City and Pie Town. It took me eight days.
I followed the marked CDT trail from Silver City, through the Aldo
Leopold Wilderness north through the Black Range. Lots of burnt and down
timber along this ridge trail. Instead of hiking west to Reserve I cut NW
across the Adobe Ranch and then the Plains of San Agustin to Old Horse
Springs, then followed Horse Springs Rd to Pie Town.
I found water at an old hunting camp in Alamo Canyon and a windmill in
the middle of the Plains. When you start across the plains you will see a
cluster of Cottonwood trees. That's your sign for water. The biggest
ranch in Catron county takes up most of the Plains. I met the rancher as
I climbed over his fence at Hwy. 12. He said, "I'm sure glad I caught you
climbing out of my ranch and not into it." I'm not sure how serious he
was. I assured him hikers were very responsible. He gave me directions
and water and seemed okay with where I had been. It's just a big alkali
flat. It's a wonder a cow can make a living out there. One source of
trail info would be the owners of the KOA in Silver City. They are CDT
trail volunteers. I met with the forest service in Silver City and that
was a waste of time. They couldn't find the trail or their tail with both