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I looked at a copy of that book last year. It is GPS waypoints for the Cont=
inental Divide not the CDT. As I remember it has lots of waypoints for car =
travel along the states of the Continental Divide (Montana, Idaho, Wyoming,=
 Colorado, and New Mexico). I didn't think it would be helpful to hike with.
I think the best bet is getting good maps with the lat/longs or UTM's along=
 the borders. Also get a map with the markings for your home area. THen pra=
ctice using the coordinates. Pick a point on the map and find its coordinat=
es. Enter the coordinates in the GPS and gor for a hike (or drive) and see =
if you can find the point. Have a friend make a point in a park, then see i=
f you can find it.
You don't need to be right on. It you are looking for where a trail crosses=
 a stream or road you only need to get close enough to see the intersection=
 when you are hiking. We put in coordinates several times that were close e=
nough to "find" the trail when it was "lost".
 ryan rodgers <melonroll2002@yahoo.com> wrote:Amazon.com sells a book title=
d, 'Continental Divide
GPS Companion' for under $15, with many hundreds of
lat&long points for CD states, some of these coincide
with the CDTrail-passes, peaks, towns, sites, etc.

is a listing of CDTrail waypoints from Goat Haunt in
Glacier, South to Chief Joe Pass.

Two months and counting...

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