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[cdt-l] gps?

3/9/03 5:22:22 PM, "Desert Rat" <desertrat@swnm.com> wrote:

>Since you will most likely have maps, I am not sure of the need for buying
>one with TOPO capability.
>Mine just creates tracks. And I use TOPO software (TOPO USA, $99) to plot

That would be $99 PER STATE, mind you.  Now, National Geographic (which owns Topo) just
announced it's completed the "seamless mapping" of all 50 states, and while those five-
layer maps (down to 7.5' equivalent) are really good (and allow all sorts of studies,
like waypoints, and vistas, and profiles) that's still a bit of cash when you have the
maps otherwise.  Of course, you can also load Topo maps into your Palm and carry the
entire trail in five different scales on one 1/2 ounce Memory Stick.
Jeffrey Neil Zimmerman
Sonoma County, California

"I've seen your picture in the paper and wondered what you looked like." -- THE AWFUL
TRUTH (1937).