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[cdt-l] CDT in NM

Further interrogation of recent CDT walkers in NM:

(Much of this I need to confirm by phone or e-mail, but maybe someone out
there can offer some nice perspective too.)

Has anyone stopped to get water at the Borderline Cooperative Feed & Supply,
along US 11 north of Columbus? Good experiences?

Ever try sending a resupply box to the Mimbres Ranger Station along NM 35?
Wonder if that would work in "early season"? (April)  And what about the
town of Mimbres? Hitchhiking potential? Worth it?

What are the current options for resupply in the Gila Cliff Dwellings area?
I've heard one can send a package to the visitors center (but there is no
place to discard the empty box?)  or alternatively resupply and spend a
night at the nearby Wilderness Lodge B&B. Good experiences at the B&B?
Pricey? Open in April?

How would one work a resupply at Ghost Ranch? Are they open in April/May?
Also, who owns this facility that hikers are allowed to cross with
"permission only"?  The CDTS guide mentions a forest service office slated
to replace the defunct Ghost Ranch Living Museum (which sounded like a great
gig, so what happened to it?) Anyone know if the FS office is in existence

Thanks for the perspective,
- blisterfree