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[cdt-l] CDT Maps


Holmans in Albuquerque has a complete supply of Forest Service, USGS, and
BLM maps for NM.  Be sure to specify BLM.  These maps are 1:100,000.



I believe they also have most of CO on hand and can also supply maps for
other states.

I'm not sure if the CDTS has map packets of NM available.  You might check

Maps are identified on http://www.7cities.net/%7Eroadrunner/CDTinNM.html.
If you follow the Wolf CDTS route you will also need Hatch, Deming, and
Columbus and you will not need Lordsburg and Animas.  If you are going to
Antelope Wells or are following the CDTA guide books you will not need these
three but you will need the Lordsburg and Animas.

For the El Malpais area south of Grants, the most current 1:100,000 topo map
with land ownership information is the BLM New Mexico El Malpais Recreation
Guide Map.  This map overlays several sections of the other maps.  If you
have this map you will not need the Acoma Pueblo.

NW NM Visitor Center - 505-876-2793.

Have a safe walk.


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> Hello folks,
> Just joined this list.  Starting northbound on May 1st with 4 others.
> Noticing that one can't just buy a few guidebooks for the CDT and be done
> with it, as was the case for PCT.  So i would love some info on where I
> get these coveted BLM maps that people are talking about.  Didn't even
> that the BLM made maps.  Their website doesn't mention anything about it.
> Thanks.
> Doug (aka Skywalker)
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