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[cdt-l] NM map options

In a message dated fairly recently Sly wrote:

>>If you feel you can navigate using the Westcliffe guidebook maps through
more power to you.
If I'm not mistaken, the northern most sections from Ghost Ranch to the CO
border the CDTS route isn't even on those maps.  The official route through
this section can be done with highway maps as it's a highway road walk.<<

Well, accordingly to my preliminary testing, the Westcliffe guidebook maps,
surprisingly enough despite their scale, DO show - in print - most of the
non-cross-country portions of the CDTS route, at least where the CDTS and
official routes come close enough to appear on the official route's map
coverage. The "trails" and the 4WD roads are all on there, if you squint you
can see them quite clearly. Now, perhaps I exaggerate, and they aren't
really ALL on there. Perhaps I should use the BLM maps that Sly mentions,
provided their scale and detail is in fact better. But what I don't want to
do is tote around a massive redundancy of maps. What I do want is to use
maps that will allow me to plot, in advance, the CDTS route, with reasonable
accuracy, in order to avoid having to refer to the CDTS guidebook text every
5 minutes all the while practicing my northbounder's Japanese newspaper
reading style.

Most of the dilemma should work itself out as I actually begin plotting the
route on the maps, Grants to the NM/CO border. So I'm speaking too soon
here, really. Will report back.

- blisterfree