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[cdt-l] NM map options

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In a message dated 3/4/2003 1:19:28 PM Eastern Standard Time,
blisterfree@earthlink.net writes:

> The exceptions to this approach are from the Gila south, where the two
> routes vary considerably, and where the CDTS guide already contains
> navigable maps; the other exception appears to be in parts of the Santa Fe
> and especially in the Carson national forests, and here we need to look
> beyond either guidebook for the requisite maps. I'm tentatively going with
> the forest service planemetric maps to the Santa Fe and Carson, partly out
> of convenience due to the large coverage area, and partly since I'm not
> sure
> whether Jonathan Ley's large-scale topo maps (large scale = small area of
> coverage) of his roadwalk route would show the CDTS route.

>From the Mexican border north to the Gila we used 3 BLM maps for the CDTS
route which were borrowed, with the CDTS route highlighted on them, and very
accurate in combination with the description.

In the Sante Fe and Carson, again we basically used BLM and Jonathan's maps
although we did have the NF maps.

Although the CDTS guidebook has accurate and detailed descriptions, I
wouldn't rely soley on the contained maps for navigation.