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[cdt-l] NM map options

Sly wrote:
>>From the Gila north, Jonathan maps are more or less used in
conjunction with the CDTS guidebooks.<<

>From the Gila north, and especially from Grants north, it appears that one
could alternatively use the maps contained in the CDTA guidebook to New
Mexico, in conjunction with the CDTS guidebook description. This, since the
two routes are in close enough proximity to each other that the CDTS route,
if plotted, would appear on the CDTA map coverage. The benefits of this
approach are that we get nice, compact, color topo maps without the need to
make endless hard copy printouts - just rip 'em out and mark 'em up. And of
course, leave the rest of the CDTA guidebook at home.

The exceptions to this approach are from the Gila south, where the two
routes vary considerably, and where the CDTS guide already contains
navigable maps; the other exception appears to be in parts of the Santa Fe
and especially in the Carson national forests, and here we need to look
beyond either guidebook for the requisite maps. I'm tentatively going with
the forest service planemetric maps to the Santa Fe and Carson, partly out
of convenience due to the large coverage area, and partly since I'm not sure
whether Jonathan Ley's large-scale topo maps (large scale = small area of
coverage) of his roadwalk route would show the CDTS route.

I'll also carry photocopies of maps from the DeLorme New Mexico atlas, for
the big picture on route location, bomb-off and hitchhiking options.

I welcome any and all feedback on this approach.

- blisterfree