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From: "G Perzel" <boomer@fastransit.net>
To: "Ryan K. Brooks" <ryan@hack.net>
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Subject: Re: response to Michele
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 10:24:02 -0500

Dear Ryan,
please forward my message. Thanks.
Curly Perzel
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To: "G Perzel" <boomer@fastransit.net>
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Sent: Tuesday, March 04, 2003 12:45 AM
Subject: Re: response to Michele

> G Perzel wrote:
> > Michele, I know of a person who is interested in hiking with you. She is
> > also planning to hike the CDT from NM, is similar age and experience.
> > Please email me so I can bring you together boomer@fastransit.net
> > <mailto:boomer@fastransit.net>
> > For myself, I am still looking to connect with a CDT hiker for
> > July/Aug/Sept to hike something on the CDT . I have hiked NM,
> > GreatBasin,WY. Perhaps I can join someone hiking North. Please conact
> > Thanks, Curly Perzel
> You sent this to this list admin... would you like me to forward it to
> the list?
> -Ryan