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[cdt-l] guidbooks

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In a message dated 3/2/2003 8:19:17 AM Eastern Standard Time,
shachafbha@yahoo.com writes:

> Hey all !
> My question is about the necessity of guidbooks.

I know of some that have hiked the trail without guidebooks, but they were
very experienced and very good with map and compass.

> If I have a whole map set of the trail, what is the use of carrying the
> additional weight of another few pages of a guidbook ? ( who's map,
> according to what I understand is not something by which alone, I can
> navigate )
> I have already bought the alliance's guidbooks because they are written
> northbound and got a warm recommendation from Jim Wolf to buy his set
> because I wont get along without them.
> I also listen to whatever you sayd about it from the gatharing this year
> and I have a few days left to decide if I want to order the Jim wolf's
> handbooks.

If you're starting at Antelope Wells, the southern NM CDTS guidebook wont do
you much good.  If you're using the Westcliffe guide in northern NM be
prepared to do a lot of paved road walking and uninspiring trail.

In Colorado both guidebooks are written for the southbounder.  In Wyoming,
Idaho and Montana the Westcliffe guide are virtually useless.

Seriously, if I were you, I'd leave the Westclife guides at home for friends
and/or family to follow your progress and get the CDTS guidebooks.   They are
well written and have enough detail to make sense of the maps when actually
hiking.  From the Gila north, Jonathan maps are more or less used in
conjunction with the CDTS guidebooks.

Have a great hike and try not to get lost to often!  : )