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[cdt-l] guidbooks

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Hey all !

My question is about the necessity of guidbooks.

I have hiket the Israel National Trail, a 600 mile long trek, at the beginn=
ing we had a guidbook and a map set and after a day on the trail we saw tha=
t the guidbook was only for the fun of it and not necessery at all for know=
ing our way around.

The trail is marked all the way, not so well, but we could find our way wit=
h the maps any time the markings were abscent.

If I have a whole map set of the trail, what is the use of carrying the add=
itional weight of another few pages of a guidbook ? ( who's map, according =
to what I understand is not something by which alone, I can navigate )

I have already bought the alliance's guidbooks because they are written nor=
thbound and got a warm recommendation from Jim Wolf to buy his set because =
I wont get along without them.

I also listen to whatever you sayd about it from the gatharing this year an=
d I have a few days left to decide if I want to order the Jim wolf's handbo=


I'll be heading out north from Antelope Wells in about a month.

good luck to all 2003 CDT hikers !


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