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[cdt-l] Ennis, MT ,and some info about Old faithful & the Anaconda cutoff

Doug wrote:
>Ginny, It sounded to me that Shahaf is folowing the CDTA route as oulined 
>the Offical Guide Book.  The first three segments heading north from
>Yellowstone  are suppose to be newly marked and go through some very
>beautiful country, too., but I don't see much comment on these segments-
>most CDT thru hikers take the Mack's Inn cut-off and miss thiese segments 
>save time and miles.  But then, I don't remember seeing Ennis in that
>section so I'm probably  wrong about where Shachaf is.  I just haven't had
>the time to check the map.  .

Doug -
If you follow the Henry's Lake (official???) route north of Yellowstone you 
turn west and rejoin Wolf's route, which then follows the mountains in a 
westward circle around the Big Hole and up to Butte.  Shachaf's route 
apparently left the Henry's Lake route and headed straight north, taking the 
eastern side of the circle.  Ennis is about 100 miles east of the Divide 
(and the trail).  He'll probably rejoin the trail near Butte.  Sounds like 
he's having a good time, though.  And I like his attitude.  <VVBG>

When we went through there in 99, the Henry's Lake route wasn't exactly 
desirable.  As I recall, it was a long, long way between water sources and 
the trail wasn't well marked.  I believe that's gotten a little better.

>I'll be getting on the trail at Green River  to hike back to Big Sandy TH
>this coming Sat. AM with Curly and two others. Then from Yellowstone to
>Green River with Curly and then from Yellowstone to Aldious Lake TH.  
>Should be a good trip.

Wish we were going too - but not yet.  1020 days and counting.

Say hello to Curly for us - and have a good trip.  That's really beautiful 

Walk softly,

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eliminates dreams, goals, and ideals and lets us get straight to the 
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