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[cdt-l] Ennis, MT ,and some info about Old faithful & the Anaconda cutoff.

Ginny, It sounded to me that Shahaf is folowing the CDTA route as oulined in
the Offical Guide Book.  The first three segments heading north from
Yellowstone  are suppose to be newly marked and go through some very
beautiful country, too., but I don't see much comment on these segments-
most CDT thru hikers take the Mack's Inn cut-off and miss thiese segments to
save time and miles.  But then, I don't remember seeing Ennis in that
section so I'm probably  wrong about where Shachaf is.  I just haven't had
the time to check the map.  .

I'll be getting on the trail at Green River  to hike back to Big Sandy TH
this coming Sat. AM with Curly and two others. Then from Yellowstone to
Green River with Curly and then from Yellowstone to Aldious Lake TH.  Should
be a good trip.

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> Shachaf, what you're on isn't the Anaconda cut-off - I suppose you could
> call it the Ennis cut-off if you want.  The Anaconda cut-off is about 250
> miles north of where you left the CDT.  You're missing a lot of beautiful
> country, but it sounds like you're enjoying your route, so it doesn't
> matter, and you avoid some snow with your route.  Were you able to stay on
> national forest land all the way?  You won't meet any southbounders
> as you are about 100 miles east of the CDt.
> Ginny
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