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[cdt-l] Ennis, MT ,and some info about Old faithful & the Anaconda cutoff.

Hello everyone !
We've reached Ennis, MT and gonna get back on the trail tomorrow, probably.
Some info about the cutoff with the route Gingerbirdman posted:
It's butiful ! The route going out of Yellowstone N.P. towards Targhee pass is all new, well established and marked with CDT markers and posts.
There's even some boardwalks on the way and you won't have to get your'e feet all wet...
The cutoff goes on north from there and the route through the Lee Metcalf N.F is absulutely great !
Good trails and great scienery ! It's worth it !
About the Old faithfull village , well , NB's should be better off fix it so they'll hitch streight from the hwy at Old Faithful to West Yellowstone - the prices are cosiderebly cheaper and there are more facilities.
You'll get a chance to see the geiser when you get back to the route and walk north again. 
That's our conclusion from walking there and paying 135 $ for a motel room at the Old Faithful place and some more money for the meals n' stuff you get there...
Other than that - good luck everyone and have fun !


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