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[cdt-l] Place to Park in Silverton, CO

I was there this past week and parked on the street.

How to explain this?

Where the train lets off people in the middle of town (not at the depot
although I suspect you could leave the vehicle there too) facing south from
the end of the railroad track, there is a cafe / ice cream parlor to the
right or west..  I don't recall the name of the place but it is separated
from the train track by a vacant lot.  Talk to the older lady there.  She
told us to park on the street.  She will take your name, keep watch of the
vehicle, and call search and rescue if you do not return on schedule.  Oh,
no charge.

Can't believe it?  Neither did I but that's the way it happened.


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> I need to leave my car parked somewhere in or near
> Silverton for 2-3 weeks in July or August.  Does
> anyone have any suggestions for who would allow me to
> do this without a fee (or an outrageous fee)?  My plan
> is to call and ask the outfitter there, but I wondered
> if anyone on the list had experience with this.
> Thanks in advance.
> Nocona
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