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[cdt-l] Snow in NW Weminuche, CO

I came out of the Weminuche on 6/13, Needleton area, about 8 - 10 miles SW
of Hunchback Pass, Kite Lake, Beartown site and intersection of the CDT and
CT where the CT turns into the Elk Creek Drainage and the CDT approaches
Stony Pass from the S near Silverton.

I was camped at 10,800' (Ruby Lake in Ruby Creek drainage E of Needleton)
where there were some small snowfields beginning at about 11,000' on some,
not all, northern slopes.  My partner day hiked to about 12,000' and
reported the drainage clear of snow.  The snow line is above 12,000'
probably closer to 13,000' and melting.

Allen Stibora