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[cdt-l] New Mexico water sources

Blisterfree said:

Speaking of problematic water sources, I should note one in particular that
caused me a bit of trouble in New Mexico this spring.

The CDTS guide describes a trough and stock pond a short distance south of
the Acoma-Zuni Trailhead along NM 117 in Section 2 of the El Malpais
Segment. Both were bone dry in early May. The troughs are fed by a hose,
apparently from a defunct windmill and/or electric-powered well across the
highway a short distance to the south. When I passed through, the hose was
lying on the ground near the troughs, and the troughs themselves had no sign
of algea or bathtub ring, indicating that they had been out of use for some
time. Nor was I able to make any headway over at the windmill/well complex.

When we went through in '99, the troughs that were visible from the road 
were dry.  There was one on each side of the highway.  The one on the 
left/east had a windmill, which wasn't working, as I recall.  However, 
behind the rocks, below the houses, there was a stock pond that was 
completely hidden from view.  Jim found it by following an electrical line 
that he hoped led to a well.  That was on the east side of the road, behind 
the corrals and windmill.  But it was also after rainy season, which may be 
why it had water.  Farther down the road, near La Ventana, there was a pond 
on the west side of the road, but it was hard to reach because of the brand 
new fencing.  Too bad there's no water at the bathroom at La Ventana -- or 
at the campsite south of there.  We got water from some Mennonite missionary 
kids who were camped at that campsite - then again a few miles later when we 
entered La Cebolla Wilderness Area.  There used to be a couple of working 
wells there.

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