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[cdt-l] Water ALERT

We received a report that Bull Springs in the Great Divide Basin is virtually dry and that the small nonflowing water that can be found there is foul and very likely unusable. The A&M Reservoir is also said to be dry. Fishpond Spring, the solar well, and Crooks Creek should be ok. The Ferris Mountains route might work, but we would be concerned that the headwaters of Crooks Creek to Muddy Gap may be completely dry. 

South of Rawlins, Little Sage Reservoir will probably be alkaline and nonpotable, but you may have better luck if you look at the culvert outflow on the south side of the road. Check the original guidebook for another probable water source close to Bridger Pass. We have no information about water on the original guidebook route from there to Rawlins.

Give us a call if you have new information or want to check on later developments (though we will be out of contact from June 25 to July 12).

Jim Wolf (410/235-9610)