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[cdt-l] good to hear from you!

Hey Nocona and Bald Eagle!
   I thru hiked the CDT last year with swiss miss and a group of four 
others. Wow it was an amazing trip! The views and vistas will blow your mind 
especially Waterton Park.(I have heard that the PCT is equally mind blowing 
and I look forward to heading out there to finish the triple crown. I will  
try to get out on the PCT for a while next summer.) We stayed just ahead of 
all the fires that were raging in colorado and new mexico. It just so 
happened to be a perfect year to do a south to north passage. Definitely 
bring a GPS and have water sources marked already. I wish i could thru hike 
the PCT next year but I already know that I will be exceedingly busy, but I 
will try to get out for a two week trip. I am absolutely addicted to long 
distance hiking! When do you speculate you might begin? I have heard that 
the kick off party is definitely worth checking out. I went out to springer 
at the end of March again this year and was wondering if I would run into 
you two so maybe I will run into you at the kick off!Well good hearing from 
you and good luck with the PCT and if you have any questions about the CDT I 
am willing to give you all the info I can provide. No matter what, I am sure 
that one of the 6 of my group should be able to answer pretty much any 
question you might have. I know I will have plenty of questions about the 
PCT for you when I get a chance to do it.       Talk to you soon,   
Wanderingbear AT 98,CDT 02

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>Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 20:33:44 -0700 (PDT)
>Ha!  I guess the long trails are in your blood now,
>huh?  Good to see you here.  Let me know when you are
>thinking about CDT/CT hikes.  Bald Eagle and I will be
>on the PCT next year for sure - come and hike with us
>a bit!
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