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[cdt-l] Approaches to the CT from Denver


As of 1998, (a long time ago for your purposes) the Denver Int'l Airport to
Waterton Canyon CT trailhead story unfolded roughly this way:

First, I called the Denver city bus co. at 1-800-366-7433
(www.rtd-denver.com), and explained the itinerary.

They explained that I should take any of the regular curbside airport
shuttle buses from the airport to downtown Denver transit center (main city
bus terminal).

>From there, I took one of the regular, free trolleys to such and such a city
block - not far - and walked around the corner to a curbside bus stop,
awaiting one of the regular buses to Lakewood CO (a Denver suburb).

I exited the Lakewood bus in Lakewood, nearby a Motel 6 and stayed the
night. The following morning, at around 5 am, I took another city bus to a
mile-distant bus stop that served the X-19 express bus to the
Lockheed-Martin facility just beyond Waterton Canyon. As of '98, this
"commuter" bus ran south to L-M once in the early morning, just after 5am,
and once again northbound in the evening.

I'll never forget that morning. It was early August, pitch dark and
actually below freezing, and there I stood with my backpack amongst all of
these half-asleep Lockheed blue collar guys. Together we awaited a bus that
only serves Lockheed. Therefore, I must be the new guy, right?

Actually, they were nice guys. They knew about the Colorado Trail, and once
on the bus they even agreed to wake me up when we arrived at the L-M
entrance. The ride took about a half hour. I was let out nearby a visitor
center with restrooms and water, then walked across the street to the
Waterton Canyon trailhead and the start of the Colorado Trail. A convoluted
route, to be sure. But it worked!

Doubtless the nitty gritty route details have changed since '98. But give
Denver bus a call, and hopefully they'll be able to make it work, perhaps
with the above framework helping to point them in the right direction.

- blisterfree

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> Hey, Greg, are you starting at Denver on the 28th?
> It looks like Rainmaker will not be hiking this
> summer, so my plans are the CT also. Does anyone have
> info on which grayhound bus terminal in Denver (there
> are 3, I guess) is the best, and if the city bus does
> still run out to the trailhead, Kassler-Waterton
> Canyon ?
> Happy trails
> Brawny
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