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[cdt-l] Introduction/Snow in CO

Hey Nocona,

I'm starting the CT on June 28th and haven't seen any data pointing to
above average snow pack through the areas the CT crosses. I can't speak
for other areas in Colorado, but that is my understanding for this year.
I actually contacted the Colorado Trail Foundation and they are
*projecting* that an ice axe will be unnecessary in July.  Please let me
know any evidence you have found to the contrary.


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Hi, my trail name is Nocona, and I just joined the
list for the first time.  I've been a member of AT-L
and PCT-L on and off for the past several years.  

I am planning the CDT in '05 and at least half of the
Colorado Trail this summer starting in early August. 
I thought about starting the first of July, but I
heard snowfall was above average in CO this year.  Any
news about snow depth at high elevations on the CDT or
CT would be appreciated.  My current thought is
Breckenridge to Durango.


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