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[cdt-l] Introduction/Snow in CO

--- Karen Borski <kborski@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi, my trail name is Nocona, and I just joined the
> list for the first time.  I've been a member of AT-L
> and PCT-L on and off for the past several years.
### Hey, Nocona! (Thought that 'kborski' sounded familiar.)
> I am planning the CDT in '05 and at least half of the
> Colorado Trail this summer starting in early August. 
> I thought about starting the first of July, but I
> heard snowfall was above average in CO this year.  Any
> news about snow depth at high elevations on the CDT or
> CT would be appreciated.  My current thought is
> Breckenridge to Durango.
### I don't recall the url's directly, but if you do a search on
"drought map colorado" and "snow depth durango" that should get
you well on the way there.

### Good luck on the CT and/or CDT this summer. I wuz aiming
there, but've been waylaid by another 'CT'.


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