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[cdt-l] Re: cdt-l Digest, Vol 2, Issue 1

 I was reading your journal where you headed straight
south instead of going over Bridger pass, both to
shorten the desert walk and because the road up
Bridger Pass can get quite muddy. Jonathan Ley said on
his maps that he didn't have the details of this
route, and also that there were a few miles missing
between those two particular maps, which we  printed

I noticed your journal mentioned Teton Reservoir, but
that is not mentioned in the guide book, or noted on
the maps. This was your first stop out of Rawlins  on
Aug 31. Jonathan talked about the saline waters along
the route just south of Rawlins in his journal. You
didn't seem to have that same route, or experience.

If you could shed some light on either of these
details, I would certainly appreciate it.

We head south out of Rawlins early July also. Hope to
see you on the trail, Ron!


---seeking the perfect gram-gear ratio

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