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[cdt-l] CDT Northern Colorado

Did Tom and Berkley Bill decide to skip past Colorado? I've not heard from
then since they got on the trail. I was hoping to run across them, but from
what you said, it looks like you'll be behind us. Say hi to Tom and Bill
from Ron and UK Ray.  We won't be off the trail until Twin Lakes around the
end of July. 
I'll be contacting the Ranger District directly this week to see if they've
got more specific information. Tripod and Dawn went through in October, but
were blocked at one section because of a fire they encountered earlier in
the season. We're trying to figure if that section is back open. 
Ron, I'm thinking about hiking from Rawlings to Silverthorne with Tom
Conover a little later, maybe late July or August.  Could you let me know
anything significant you find out?  I didn't know the CDT had been closed.
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