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[cdt-l] CDT Northern Colorado

Shachaf, I'm not sure if you are just section hiking or going for the whole trail, but I'll only being hiking between Big Sandy and the Aldous Lake TH in MT/ID.  I'll be following the CDTA Guide book.  Since I"m section hiking I don't need to take the mack's Inn cut off and I want to see that new section of trail heading out of Yellowstone.  I should be heading out of Yellowston NP around July 25 or 26.  ther eis one other person heading out with me, Curly, and if any one is heading north about that time and would like to join up with us, let me know.  
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  Hi !

  I only heared that there's been an above averege snow year in the northern part of Co.

  When I was in Rawlins I didn't notice any snow looking south though, but you can't really see much from there...

  Good luck !


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