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[cdt-l] got to South pass city

Did I get a notice that I need to re-sign up for this list?  I'll be at Big Sandy on July 5 with 3 other people.  Still lots of snow, huh?
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  Hello everyone !
  I've crossed the great divide basin through the middle of it, going from Rawlins to South pass city , with a refreshment stop at Jeffery city. ( the cafe over there can sell you some groceries if you need some and they also told me there's a motel over ther , just in case anybody wanted to stay - I didn't ... )
  It took me five days and it was pretty boaring...
  I'm at Lander right now and it looks like there's a lotta snow where I'm going to...
  I hope I'll be able to make it over to big sandy lodge and further on the road.

  Jonathan lay : Can you please give me your e-mail address cause I seem to have lost it...

  I'm looking forward to a lot of snow on my way , it looks like there's no way I'll be able to escape it and get the whole trip done , not both anyway cause everywhere there had been some really heavy late snow.

  As always, if there's anyone interested in "fighting this through" together I'll be more then happy to have him along. just write to me and I'll wait for ya.

  wish me luck !
  See ya !


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