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[cdt-l] The flip floppers head back to Co !!! ,and a nice hostel info at East Glacier ...

Hello ya'll !
Tom, Bill and myself have made it to the Chief Mountain Station yesterday at noon.
The walk through Glacier was one of the most amazing and spectacular we've had so far, we all agreed and if it wasn't for that fire they had on the west side of the park we'd probbably stay for another day.
For all who may concern - there is a very nice hostel at East Glacier called Backpackers Inn right on the main hwy # 2 on the back side of a GREAT mexican resturant called Serano's - once all of you non flip flop NB'ers get there - grab yourselves a big pitcher of margarita on the rocks, not blended for 18$ and spend the night at the hostel fo only 10 $ each , and head out for the park...
The rangers may say that the highline trail is snowed in but a hiker we met on the last day told us he had hiked there and had no serious trouble crossing it except for the Ayhern drift for which you'll have to be a litte creative and find a way around it on the rocks.
We took the other route bellow divide, and actually , according to some info from a park ranger , any route you'll take which will be on the East side of the divide will be spectacular.
The plan for me is hitch back to Rawlins and head back for the trail ina few days.
Bill and Tom are going to Cumbress pass and will head out north as soon as they get there - maybe in a couple of days.
Good luck ya'll and happy trails !


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