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[cdt-l] re: adjusting to altitude

nice thing about living in this area is I don't have to worry about 
altitude has I am all reready used to it.

Doug and Sue wrote:

>RE altitude, I just bailed ou tof a long planned ssection hike from Big
>Sandy to north of Yellowstone with Curly.  There were 4 of us hiking the
>wind River section fro from Green River Lakes TH to Big Sandy, but wile
>doing this section I lost my appitite, had a very diffcult time eating
>anything, and felt like vomiting on several occassions.  This was my 8th
>trip to the mountains and I have never had any problems before.  As in times
>plast I drove diretly out ot themountains and began hiking without any time
>to let my body adjust.  with only a very limited amount of calories (ony a
>1,000 per day of less was all I was eating) it was very difficult to hike
>even ten miles a day.
>So, RD is home.
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