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[cdt-l] Re: altitude

### I *think* the aspirin goes toward decreasing blood
coagulation, rather than *thinning* (which you can technically
do with a glass of water). Definitely worth a minute of
web-search time to clarify.... (And sorry I don't have it. Man!
What a Monday.)
--- Christopher Mills <Christopher.Mills@law.duke.edu> wrote:
> The aspirin definitely helps, though it makes more of a
> difference if you take it a day before you reach high
> altitude, and continue taking it while at high altitude.  I
> don't know that taking it for a month before hand would help
> much.  A word of caution--if you are prone to nosebleeds at
> high altitude the blood thinning characteristics of the
> aspirin will make the nose bleeds more frequent and harder to
> stop.  Same with any other bleeding injury.  
> Mike--are you the Mike that hiked the PCT in 2000?
> --hiker 816
> >>> dilorenz@hotmail.com 07/13/03 09:08PM >>>
> nocona,
> you may want to try eating 1/2 of a tablet of aspirin every
> day for 30 days or so before you head to colorado. 

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