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[cdt-l] Re: altitude

The aspirin definitely helps, though it makes more of a difference if you take it a day before you reach high altitude, and continue taking it while at high altitude.  I don't know that taking it for a month before hand would help much.  A word of caution--if you are prone to nosebleeds at high altitude the blood thinning characteristics of the aspirin will make the nose bleeds more frequent and harder to stop.  Same with any other bleeding injury.  

Mike--are you the Mike that hiked the PCT in 2000?

--hiker 816

>>> dilorenz@hotmail.com 07/13/03 09:08PM >>>

you may want to try eating 1/2 of a tablet of aspirin every day for 30 days 
or so before you head to colorado.   this supposedly thins your blood thus 
reducing the time required for acclimatization.

i do not have any first hand experience with this, but i have met stout 
lunged flatlanders who have.

you may want to do a bit of research or see what the list has to say about 
this suggestion.

mike d-low-renzo

>My next biggest worry is the altitude, seeing as how I
>live 11 feet BELOW sea level.  Might be rough.  But I
>plan to hang out in Durango, ride the RR, day hike,
>etc., before I hit the trail.
>If anyone wants to share their favorite suggestions
>for altitude preparedness, things that seemed to work
>for them, things they've read, etc., I'd love the
>input.  My knowledge is carb load a day or two before,
>drink lots of water, avoid caffeine, take it slow.

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