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[cdt-l] Re: altitude


you may want to try eating 1/2 of a tablet of aspirin every day for 30 days 
or so before you head to colorado.   this supposedly thins your blood thus 
reducing the time required for acclimatization.

i do not have any first hand experience with this, but i have met stout 
lunged flatlanders who have.

you may want to do a bit of research or see what the list has to say about 
this suggestion.

mike d-low-renzo

>My next biggest worry is the altitude, seeing as how I
>live 11 feet BELOW sea level.  Might be rough.  But I
>plan to hang out in Durango, ride the RR, day hike,
>etc., before I hit the trail.
>If anyone wants to share their favorite suggestions
>for altitude preparedness, things that seemed to work
>for them, things they've read, etc., I'd love the
>input.  My knowledge is carb load a day or two before,
>drink lots of water, avoid caffeine, take it slow.

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