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[cdt-l] re: adjusting to altitude

>>My next biggest worry is the altitude, seeing as how
>>I live 11 feet BELOW sea level.  Might be rough. 
>>But I plan to hang out in Durango, ride the RR, day 


One woman in our group had been living in NYC for the
past year roughly. Two days after DRIVING OUT, she
attemped to go to 11k feet with a HEAVY pack full of
backpacking and climbing gear. She got very sick, did
not make it to the valley, ended up vomiting several
times during the night, and bailed out. 

Spend a while doing what you suggest. Durango is about
6500' (IIRC). Doing some day hikes, drinking LOTS of
water, taking it easy, etc. before heading up into the
high country may not be a bad idea. That is why many
CTers start in Denver. Better to hike up to 7000 feet
and end in the San Juans than the other way around.
:-) Of course, if you have a limited amount of time,
the foothills outside of Denver aren't quite as nice
as the San Juans. (My favorite range in all of
Colorado...)  The woman I gave as an example was in
fairly good shape..but she pushed her self too far,
too fast (With a heavy pack to boot). I imagine the
drive out here tired her quite a bit, too.

I am sure you will do fine. Wave to me from the CT.
I'll try to wave back from Boulder. :-)


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